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Earning a passive income just got a lot easier. Most people think they have to go out and make money, but with cryptocurrency trading, you can easily become wealthy without having to do much. Of course, you need the right tools, and Crypto Trader can help you attain your goals.
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Join us at Crypto Trader to earn wealth and become an investor, just like everyone else. You’re going to be happy that you did.

This software features an algorithm that scours past information to find out how Bitcoin did then and compares it to now. Then, you can easily say whether the price should rise or fall and can guess accordingly. In fact, our software does everything for you, including opening and closing trades when the right criteria are met.

Testimonials from Real Members

Caleb from Texas earned a profit of $15,375

“I’ve always been aggravated that my friends could go out to expensive restaurants and drink like a fish without a care in the world. Growing up poor, I knew I’d never have opportunities like that, but that was also before I found Crypto Trader. I was skeptical, but I also have a carefree attitude. If I lost the money, it wouldn’t hurt too badly, so I went ahead and did it. Guess what? My trust-fund friends don’t spend as much as I do now, and I’m the one treating them! It’s an amazing feeling, and I have Crypto Trader to thank for that.”

Denise from California earned a profit of $6,421

“What would you do if your partner asked to go on a trip and you had to tell her no because you didn’t have the money? You’d be upset and try harder to make that money. Well, she and I had the same idea because we both found and joined Crypto Trader. We decided that when we both hit $10K, we would take a trip to an exotic location and split the bill. You can see above that I’m over halfway to that mark, and so is she. I’m thinking a month in Europe, but I’ll find out what she wants to do first.”

Danny from Utah earned a profit of $11,534

My wife decided to wait to tell me the good news of an addition to the family. However, I dropped the bomb of losing my job at the same time. We were thrilled to have another baby, but I was nervous because we needed a steady income. Though my wife doesn’t work, she takes care of everything else and knows that I appreciate her. For two whole nights, I didn’t sleep and scoured the internet for jobs. Then, I found Crypto Trader and knew I had to give it a try. It’s not that I lie to my wife, but something told me to wait to tell her. She was a little upset I invested money into the crypto market without her knowledge, but she didn’t say too much when I earned $1,500 that first day. It’s just kept coming in, so I’m letting it! We are soon to get ready for our second child, and we’re happy and financially free!”

Sonny from Indiana earned a profit of $8,433

“I was incredibly down on my luck. I’d moved to Hollywood to try to make it as an actress and came home to Indiana and my family. Of course, I was embarrassed and upset and wanted time to heal my wounds, but the rule in my parent’s house is: You live here, you work. I got a job as a waitress, but I knew that wasn’t what I was meant for, so I kept looking. One night, about 2 a.m., I saw Crypto Trader’s ad, and something clicked. I joined, deposited my first full paycheck (which was only $275), and doubled it within about six hours. Yes, Crypto Trader works, and I’m living proof!”

The Secret to the Success of Crypto Trader

We know just how many auto-trading bots on are the market right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equal. In fact, our track record has proven that we have one of the best trading software anywhere in the world. Here is why Crypto Trader is so unique:

Accuracy and Precision

Crypto Trader is a trading application that is highly capable of performing relentlessly and fiercely with precise accuracy. In fact, you can expect to see profits 99.4 to 100 percent of the time. Thanks to our software, the members of Crypto Trader experience an increase in wealth without having to do anything. When you invest more money, you can create more wealth on Crypto Trader.

Excellent Technology

Crypto Trader uses highly advanced programming software, and no one else in the world has it. In fact, we’re ahead of the markets by about 0.01 seconds. This time difference is highly advantageous, especially for traders. You get to make decisions that much faster than others, which means more wealth for you. Our software is consistent and trustworthy, so it’s reputable and infallible.

Award-winning Features

Because of its performance and technology, Crypto Trader has actually won some awards. Of course, a prestigious one is given by the US Trading Association, and our software earned it. You can only see such recognition when you offer quality, performance, accuracy, and functionality. Crypto Trader features all of this and much more.

The Steps to start Now with Crypto Trader

01. Register

Sign up for an account, which is free. Immediately, you’re a member of Crypto Trader because we automatically accept your registration. Now, it’s possible to claim for yourself the award-winning software, and it’s all free. You don’t get charged commissions or fees.

02. Fund

Check out the site and learn more about it, and then you can invest your minimum deposit of $250. Of course, higher deposits are allowed, if you prefer. It is possible to double/triple your money using Crypto Trader. Any money you earn through our site is yours to keep, and you can even withdraw the initial $250 deposit if you decide to do so. Just remember you can’t earn any money without funds in the account.

03. Trade

When you’re ready to let the action start, just click ‘trade.’ It’s that easy to build your wealth using Crypto Trader. Set it to automated mode and let the software do the work or go manual and pick and choose your trades.

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When you become a member, you can buy products and services with your Bitcoins instead of using regular money. Of course, you can also take lavish vacations while staying in high-luxury hotels and going to expensive destinations that only the rich can afford.


Do you have some questions for us? We find that many people ask certain things over and over, which is why we created this FAQ section. Get answers without having to contact us. If, however, we don’t answer a particular question you have, you can email at [email protected] for help.

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are cryptocurrency. Sometimes, they’re called digital or virtual money. In a sense, it’s money, but there aren’t any administrators or central banks. It can be used just like any other money, such as to buy goods and to trade. In fact, merchants everywhere now accept it as legal tender.

You can make financial transactions with Bitcoins by sending part of or a whole one to others. The blockchain holds all the details of everyone’s Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin doesn’t look like much, and in fact, it’s just a computer file. You store them in a digital wallet, which is downloaded to your laptop or smartphone.

How much is it worth?

Right now, Bitcoin’s worth around $20,000, but that was back in 2017. We’re expecting it to be valued at about $50,000 by the end of this year. Of course, it all came about in 2009 and wasn’t even worth $1. With that much growth in such a short period of time, it’s easy to see how people can get wealthy by trading it.

Why choose Bitcoins over traditional cash?

Traditional cash is easier to steal and harder to store. Bitcoins are always stored securely on the blockchain.

The US recognizes cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as legal tender.

Many merchants allow you to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency instead of regular cash.

A single bitcoin is worth much more than a dollar.

Bitcoins aren’t controlled by your local government or a bank. You’re anonymous when making transactions with Bitcoin, regardless of where it’s spent. Plus, no one can find your account number unless you tell them what it is.

The transactions made are stored in public listings. No one can copy or create fake coins or spend someone else’s Bitcoins.

Will I be able to use Crypto Trader? Do I need trading experience?

Crypto Trader is designed for anyone to use. Seasoned and new traders both use the app to make money. Now, you can trade using Bitcoins safely and make profits without any experience in the markets.

We’ve recently updated Crypto Trader to include customization features. Set up your trading parameters the way you want. You aren’t going to have any issues using it because everything is self-explanatory.

Expert traders can use manual mode to test their analysis of the markets, as well as various strategies. Improve on your accuracy levels even more. Of course, this gives you more control of the activity.

Automated mode works well for beginners, though experts use it when they want to make money and be out running errands. The system finds suitable trades meeting your criteria and invest in them for you.

Is it hard to trade using the crypto trader app?

You don’t need experience with trading or computer apps to use the system. As long as you can operate a smartphone or computer, you can benefit from Crypto Trader. Instead of buying and selling crypto on an exchange, you’re trading Bitcoin CFDs. This means you make a guess on Bitcoin’s price. That way, you earn money when Bitcoin’s price rises or falls, based on the speculation you make.

How does the app work?

This comprehensive auto trading software was designed for Bitcoin market trades. It’s won many awards because of its algorithm, which assesses the markets to find appropriate trading opportunities. In fact, the Crypto Trader algorithm can compare significant data amounts from the past and present to apply analysis of the market right now.

That means you see an accuracy level between 99.4 and 100 percent. In fact, it can tell when the markets are going to move and how about 0.01 seconds before anyone else knows it. Therefore, Crypto Trader is very consistent and reliable.

When you’re using Crypto Trader, you get to customize the trading criteria to set:

  • Strategies to use
  • Risk levels
  • Amounts to invest in
  • Types of assets to trade

Inexperienced traders often use automated mode, which allows the software to do most of the real work for you. It searches the trading opportunities that directly match your parameters. When it finds one, the software opens and completes the trade for you.

Manual mode is also available in Crypto Trader. This means you can get full control for your trades. It’s most suitable for experienced traders who have been using the system for a while.

What results might I expect on Crypto Trader?

The earning potential is endless when it comes to making money. It does take some time and effort from you, but you’re going to be impressed with the significant returns you can see. Many members make more than $1,500 each day.

Remember, the amount you make depends on what you want to earn. Investing more capital means that you can expect to earn more money. The market’s trading opportunities also play a role, and you’ve got to take part in the trades to earn anything. Make sure that nothing is stopping you from getting the wealth you want.

What benefits are there from using the automated mode?

Each second counts in trading. Hesitating just a moment can cause you to lose money or make the wrong trade option. Emotions come into play for humans, but Crypto Trader uses statistics only. Therefore, it offers instant, smart decisions each time. You’re not going to get nervous and throw money away on bad trades or be worried and not take a chance. The software focuses solely on your trading parameters and makes trades that match this.

Automated mode allows Crypto Trader to make the most appropriate trading deals for you. New traders use it often, but some seasoned traders like it, too. There’s also manual mode for when you want the thrill of making the trade yourself. You’ve got more control, but there is more risk involved. Experienced traders usually use this option.

Just spend a few minutes each day to set up the parameters and let Crypto Trader do everything for you. You don’t need to stay up all night to analyze the markets because the software does it for you.

What fees are involved?

Crypto Trader is free to use. There aren’t any hidden charges or commissions, and you get to keep the bitcoins you earn, even from the initial investment.

How do I start using Crypto Trader?

First, you’ve got to sign up with an account, and then you need to activate the account. To do this, fill in the form and submit it. We automatically activate the account, and then you can fund it with at least the minimum $250. This gives you the trading capital you need. That money is yours and can be withdrawn anytime.

How much do I need to work?

The beauty of Crypto Trader is that the algorithm does the work for you. Still, you’re going to spend between 20 and 30 minutes a day on the computer to set up the trading parameters. This means selecting the cryptocurrencies with which to trade. You’re also going to choose the investment amount and risk level for the trades, as well as any strategies to use.

On your command (by clicking live trade), Crypto Trader starts working for you.

Our Invitation to You

It’s never easy to be down on your luck and need more money than what you have. Most people end up taking a second or third job just to make ends meet. This is tiring and makes you feel like you’re never going to catch up. We don’t think you deserve that.

In fact, you can make significant profits without doing much. Spend about 30 minutes or so on your computer every morning, and let our system take care of everything else. This is the best opportunity you can find, especially when it comes to trading cryptocurrency. You’ve got nothing to lose, but so much money can be gained just by signing up and investing a small amount.

Are you ready to join our team and become rich?