How to Buy ReddCoin in Vietnam

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Various types of cryptocurrency on the market have sparked public interest. Since the first-ever cryptocurrency invention, Bitcoin, there have been other crypto creations like ReddCoin. This coin was first launched in 2014 in the Initial Script Proof of Work by Jonathan Patenaude.

Since its launch, the coin has been performing volatility, allowing investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio to buy the coin. What makes ReddCoin unique is that it’s thought to be a social coin – allowing users to cheaply send and receive payments conveniently due to its zero transaction fees stance.

The ReddCoin uses a unique consensus called the proof of stake velocity, which was designed to tackle the problem of hoarding that was seen in cryptos that use the proof of stake method by assessing coinage and a wallet transaction frequency.

In addition to this, its price is $0.0005. While it may seem low, its primary utility has been considered. The purpose of RDD is to facilitate ReddNetwork’s tipping, sharing, and donating functions. RDD’s tokens are designed centered around this structure, allowing granular exchange value on the market.

It’s equally important to take time and research where to buy ReddCoin in Vietnam. There are various exchange platforms on the market, but not all offer the same services. Here are the best exchange platforms you can buy on ReddCoin in Vietnam.


This is among the largest trading platforms in the world since it offers a myriad of trading features and options. Investors will experience a learning curve with the platform depending on their trading journey. The platform is suitable for advanced and experienced traders.

It offers a range of trading features, with an impressive selection of market charts and cryptocurrencies like trading futures and several order options. The platform has many educational contents for traders to gain insight.

How to Buy ReddCoin on Binance in Vietnam

Open Account

Visit the Binance website to register to open an account. Go to the register section, and fill in the details; usually your name, email address, and phone number.

Account Verification

Before you access your account, you’ll first have to verify your identity through email confirmation. You can then enable 2FA.

Account Deposit

After passing the verification process successfully, you can deposit funds into the account. There are multiple payment options to choose from. Choose the one you prefer and deposit funds.

Buy ReddCoin

Once you have some cash in the account, you can go ahead to buy ReddCoin on the platform. Visit the trades section and then click on buy RDD. 

Storing ReddCoin

Binance has no online wallet on the platform. Therefore, you’ll need a private digital wallet to transfer your coins.

Binance Pros

  • Over 65 tradable cryptocurrencies
  • No trading fees
  • A wide range of order types and trading options

Binance Cons

  • Complicated software interface
  • No inbuilt wallet
Overall Rating
Visit Binance * All trading actions involve risk


This global cryptocurrency exchange offers 330 cryptos for traders to buy, sell, and trade. It provides great trading fees and multiple order types, plus it has safety protocols in place to ensure a range of security measures to keep user funds safe.

You’ll first notice at a glance that the trading platform is somewhat user-friendly. However, users can also be overwhelmed by its trading features and the number of cryptocurrency assets it supports. Therefore, it’s suitable for seasoned investors and traders on the market.

How to Buy ReddCoin on Bittrex in Vietnam


To start buying or selling on the platform, you’ll have to register with the platform. Fill in on the required field, then press the submit button.

Two-Step Verification

Afterward, a user will have to authenticate their identity through proof of address and identity. You’ll have to upload documents like your passport and bank statements.

Deposit Funds

There are various deposit options you can opt for while trying to fund the account. They include PayPal, Credit or Debit cards, and bank transfers. Choose your preferred method and follow the instructions to fund the account.

Buy and Store ReddCoin

Go to the trades section and highlight the amount of ReddCoin to buy and confirm by hitting the buy RDD button. The platform only has cold storage options, so you’ll have to use a private digital wallet to transfer the coins.

Brittex Pros

  • Large selection of cryptocurrency
  • Low trading fees
  • Widely available

Brittex Cons

  • Low trading margins
  • Customer support is not as efficient


This is another platform you can opt for to buy ReddCoin in Vietnam due to its wide availability. Currently, 180 countries can buy, sell and trade on the platform. BitMart also offers lending and staking of cryptocurrency to earn rewards.

There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies to buy, RDD included, with a low market cap. It offers multiple advanced trade orders, futures trading, and low trading fees.

How to Buy ReddCoin on BitMart in Vietnam

Open Account

A user will have to register with the account to become an account holder. It usually asks for an email address, phone number, and name. After filling out the required details, you can hit the submit button.

User Verification

You’ll need to verify your identity before accessing your account, as the platform works based on KYC regulations.

Deposit Funds

After passing through the verification process, you can fund the account using various payment options.

Search and Buy ReddCoin

Using the deposit amount, you can effortlessly search and buy RDD. Go to trades sections and input buy RDD. Confirm you wish to buy RDD by pressing the ‘buy RDD’ button.

Where to Store ReddCoin

BitMart keeps all assets in cold storage like vaults that require multiple signatures to access, plus these storage vaults are not connected to the internet and are safe from online risks. You can also transfer them to a private wallet.

BriMart Pros

  • Large cryptocurrency selection altcoin
  • Future trading available
  • Advanced and standard platforms
  • Discounts on trading fees

BriMart Cons

  • Complicated software interface


It is considered one of the largest American crypto exchanges in the world. The exchange platform allows up to 80 crypto transactions, including ReddCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Ripple, and Monero, among other transactions. It has 363 trading pairs. 

The exchange platform allows you to credit investments. A user can easily acquire a loan from the platform. The best part about it is that you’ll receive a 15% commission on the interest earned. You’ll be able to protect your account with a two-step verification method using the 2FA Google authentication app.

How to Buy ReddCoin on Poloneix in Vietnam


To register with Poloniex, visit the platform website, fill in the required field, and create a username and password.

Verification Process

A user has to pass the verification process on the platform to access the account. Usually, it requires users to identify themselves with various documents like a passport for proof of identity and bank statements for proof of address.

Deposit Fund

Once you have access to your account, you can now fund it using various payment options like PayPal, bank transfers, and credit or debit cards.

Buying ReddCoin

After successfully depositing money on the platform, you can easily input the number of Bitcoins you intend to buy, go to the buy RDD section and press the button.

Store Your ReddCoin

Once you buy your ReddCoin, you need to store it safely. You can use a Poloniex wallet or a private digital wallet address to transfer the coins.

Poloneix Pros

  • Low trading fees
  • User-friendly trading platform (has English and other languages in place)
  • Simple and intuitive software interface
  • Multiple trading cryptocurrency assets
  • Has a mobile app
  • Advanced features that give traders opportunities to trade futures

Poloniex Cons

  • Customer support is not as effective as it should be
  • Has been susceptible to hacks twice in a row
  • The order book does not support fiat currencies
  • Limited deposits options


The exchange platform was launched in 2012. Brifinex has chart trading functionality, ensuring that users visualize price alerts, positions, and alerts. You can automate your trading strategies plus conveniently trade on mobile apps. 

How to Buy ReddCoin on Bitfinex in Vietnam


Visit the Bitfinex website to open an account, and fill in your email address, name, and phone number.

Exchange Wallet

Make sure your funds are stored in the exchange wallet. It should be easy for you to move funds from one wallet to another.

Buying ReddCoin

Go to the trading section, and choose an ordered pair you want to buy. Move to the order form, then to the exchange tab. You have to note that you’ll have to choose the order size, order type, and price if you choose a limited order type. 

Click on the exchange buy button to make your order appear on the type of the order. After your order is executed, your coins will be credited to your exchange wallet.

Bitfinex Pros

  • Low trading and withdrawal fees
  • User-friendly software interface
  • An array of cryptocurrency assets
  • Many trade fairs and order types

Bitfinex Cons

  • Only experienced traders
  • It takes a long time to verify the account


Before getting started on the process of buying ReddCoin, traders and investors alike must ensure that they’ve done extensive research. Even though their forecasters say the ReddCoin is bearish, it can still be a good investment. 

As other investor analysts predict, ReddCoin is bullish. It’s, however, essential to note that analysts’ predictions can be wrong. If you believe the coin has a bright future, you can go on to buy, sell or trade the ReddCoin.

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