How to Buy SafeMoon in Germany

Buy Safemoon in Germany
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SafeMoon is one of many people’s favorite cryptocurrency options, especially if they’re in Germany and looking for a token that has good predictions but that’s not as expensive or famous as the big ones (ETH, Bitcoin, etc.).

When you buy SafeMoon, you’re putting your money in an asset that has its risks as well. No one can tell the future when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and there is always the possibility of things going wrong.

Even so, a few indicators allow analysts to determine specific aspects of cryptos and make predictions. In this case, SafeMoon is apparently a good investment choice!

However, if you’re in Germany, you might already know that you don’t have every crypto trading platform available for you to buy SafeMoon. Fortunately, this article offers what you’re looking for – it has all the information about the best five sites you can rely on to purchase this token.

Germany is a beautiful country, and it’s home to some of the most notable historical facts, such as the birth of the famous composer Beethoven or the fall of the Berlin wall. Nonetheless, if you live there, you don’t have access to all the crypto trading platforms.

You can’t, for example, use FTX to make your trades. Even so, there are other sites you can rely on, and this section describes them in detail. Take a look!


This site is one of the most famous crypto trading platforms you can use to make your trades. With offices all over the world, this company has stood out from the competition due to its transparency and top options.

eToro believes that digital tokens are the future, which is why it’s always innovating in terms of what it offers to its clients. Buying SafeMoon with it means you get access to a myriad of alternatives and perks, which is why so many people use this site.

How to Buy SafeMoon Using eToro

By now, you might be wondering how you can get started with eToro and buy SafeMoon. The process is very straightforward, and here are the steps you must follow:

Create an Account

You need an account if you want to use eToro to purchase SafeMoon. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the platform’s features and perks.

Creating an account is not very challenging, and it doesn’t take up days of your time. Instead, you only need to fill out the form that the site offers you, wait until you verify it, and that’s it! You’re ready for the next step in the process.

Fund and Buy!

The last step in this process requires you to fund your account and effectively buy the crypto. In other words, you need to have some money in your account if you want to purchase SafeMoon.

Once you choose your payment method and pick how much of the crypto you want to buy, all you need to do is finish the purchase process!


  • It has many positive reviews
  • The platform offers you numerous features
  • You get many cryptos to choose from
  • User-friendly layout


  • You can't pay with cryptos, only with debit or credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer


When you think about cryptocurrencies, the name Binance surely comes to mind at some point, just like Ethereum or Bitcoin. In this case, it’s a platform that you can use to purchase numerous tokens depending on your needs.

Binance is one of the most famous crypto platforms for various reasons. Firstly, it’s immensely safe. Additionally, it offers numerous coins to choose from, and lastly, it has gained a lot of good reputation and positive reviews.

How to Buy SafeMoon using Binance

Using Binance to buy SafeMoon in Germany is a fantastic idea, and here are the steps you must follow if you want to do that:

Open Your Account

Just like before, you’ll need to open an account if you want to rely on Binance to make your trades or buy cryptos such as SafeMoon.

Click on the join button, fill out the information that Binance gives you, verify your account, and then proceed to the next step in this mini-guide.


One of the best features that Binance has is that it offers a myriad of coins to choose from. On this occasion, you need to pick SafeMoon.


  • Low buying fees
  • Numerous options to choose from
  • Extra perks for clients


  • No one knows where its headquarters are, so it's not a very transparent platform


Known as one of the top-tier platforms to trust when it comes to crypto exchange, Coinbase might be your ideal alternative if you’re looking for a fantastic site to trust and buy SafeMoon.

Coinbase gained a lot of popularity in the United States because it’s available there, unlike Binance, for example. However, if you want to know about Germany, you’ll be happy to find out that this platform obviously works there! It’s in this review, so it’s one of the best sites you can rely upon if you want to trade, sell crypto, or buy them.

How to Buy SafeMoon Using Coinbase

If you want to buy SafeMoon through Coinbase, there are a few steps you must follow. Check them out!

Create Your Account

Firstly, you’ll need to create an account to use Coinbase. Just follow the site’s user-friendly directions, make your profile, verify it, and go to the next step.

Choose Carefully

One of the best features of Coinbase is that it offers you an almost-absurdly wide selection of tokens. Therefore, if you’re sure that you want to buy SafeMoon, you must guarantee that you choose carefully and not pick a different one by mistake.

Buy... After Funding!

You can buy SafeMoon in Coinbase as long as you fund your account. Fortunately, the site offers numerous payment methods you can choose from, which is immensely convenient if you’re looking for something with different options.


  • It gives you numerous tokens to choose from
  • The user experience is often positive
  • Low account minimum


  • Getting lower fees might be challenging
  • Some people find the platform too tricky to use


This platform is one of the few ones that stand out in the United Kingdom. Although the crypto trading market has been expanding for years, not all regions are famous for providing people with trustworthy websites and convenient solutions.

The UK was one of the places that did not offer many options for crypto traders. However, now it’s different because you can rely upon Paybis to buy SafeMoon and many other tokens!

How to Buy SafeMoon Using Paybis

Fortunately, using Paybis to buy SafeMoon is a very straightforward process. All you need to do is follow the next steps:


Firstly, you have to register on Paybis and create an account. Since it’s a very intuitive platform, this is not something you should worry much about.

Once you have your account, you’re able to choose between Paybis’ options, so you should pick SafeMoon if that’s the crypto you want.

Pay and You're Done!

The last step in the process is for you to complete your purchase by paying for the amount of SafeMoon you want to have. After you do this, you’re ready to enjoy this crypto’s benefits!


  • Responsive, friendly, and helpful customer support team
  • Various options to choose from
  • Innovative features for traders


  • Relatively new, inexperienced platform


EXMO is the last platform on this list, and many people might think that it’s not a very good one because it takes the last spot. However, this review is not like that – all five sites that are mentioned can offer immensely fantastic alternatives for traders, including EXMO.

This site is another one that was born in the United Kingdom, and in this case, it also offers top-notch options when it comes to trading SafeMoon.

How to Buy SafeMoon Using EXMO

You probably want to know more about this incredible platform and how to use it to buy SafeMoon in Germany. Here are the steps you must follow:

Create Your Account

As with the rest of the sites in this review, you need an account if you want to get started. Follow the steps that EXMO describes to make your profile, and then you can go on to the second stage of the process.

Fund Your Account and Choose Your Crypto

You need to deposit some money into your account if you want to buy SafeMoon. Choose between EXMO’s payment methods and fund your account. After that, go through the site’s cryptocurrency options and make sure you select the one you want.


The last step of the process is for you to complete your purchase. By this time, you should have enough funds to buy the amount of SafeMoon you want, so all you need to do is choose how much you wish to acquire and finish the process!


  • Intuitive, user-friendly platform
  • Offers numerous options to traders
  • You get various perks once you register


  • Limits on transfers
  • Expensive fees


Germany is, for a lot of people, the best country you can live in. Nonetheless, if you want to expand your crypto investment portfolio and buy SafeMoon, you need a fantastic platform to rely upon when you’re buying the crypto.

Choosing the ideal platform to trade SafeMoon in Germany might be challenging, especially because not all sites are available there. However, once you have a list with top-notch options, things can be easier!

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