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The Benefits of Prime Advantage

Easy to Use and Simple
Prime Advantage can install in a matter of seconds to your mobile device or computer. This includes PC, Android, MAC, and iOS, as well as others.
Trusted Performance
Our fully automated software is designed to scan the most popular crypto exchanges instantly. Therefore, you see better performance and have no risks with immediate rewards.
Private and Secure
Since Prime Advantage uses Blockchain technology, it can deliver a significant success rate to its members. You can see about 98.9 percent success while using our system, which means you win more than you lose! Of course, this is a private group, and you have to join to become a member.

Why People Like Prime Advantage

A little later, you are going to see some testimonials from members who have joined and earned money using Prime Advantage. Members throughout the world are making up to $208 every hour from Prime Advantage, and the process is so simple!

Here’s what you get when you use Prime Advantage:

Cutting Edge Technology

Our servers are very advanced, so they help the software spot very small changes in the current trading conditions. This happens three-millionths of a second faster than the Wall Street traders have, which means you get the information you need for trades that much quicker!

100 Percent In-house Logistics

Our vast infrastructure can guarantee the fastest response to the market. It doesn’t matter if it is volatile, low, high, or calm. The software is designed to constantly learn and adapt, so this ensures that the trading platform doesn’t lose a trade. While it’s not perfect, you can expect to see 98.9 percent accuracy, which no other auto trader can offer.

Drug Makers Can Profit Immensely

Pharmaceutical bonds and stocks are always popular for trading, and they tend to be the biggest winners throughout the day. When that happens, Prime Advantage leaps into action to help you find the best options to trade.

5-Star Client Support

We know that things can go awry, and many of our members are new to trading. They may know how to work a computer and have internet, but they can get stuck within the platform. Though it is easy to use, it takes some getting used to at times. Therefore, our technical support team can help you set up the trading software and monitor it and your progress. This gets you started on the right foot and gives you the biggest advantage over other investors and traders.

A Financial Uncertainty Can Create Opportunity

Regardless of the market in which you want to trade, volatility is essential to survive. Therefore, it is much better when you see those significant price changes. This means that our Prime Advantage software is capitalizing on that so that you can make huge profits and see bigger windfalls.

Playing the Nasdaq

Our Prime Advantage software is designed to analyze the Nasdaq’s lead patterns. Kevin Kelly has discussed the most recent performances of various stocks and explains his options and strategies in the Nasdaq 100 Index. That means that Prime Advantage members could make significant profits because of this.


Jeffry Block says, “I’m finally able to live my life on my own terms!”
Paul Emanuel says,“Prime Advantage needs to be nominated for the service of the year award. It’s very easy to use, and I like the independence and freedom I get from it.”
Alfred Johnson claims, “I see bank deposits each night into my personal banking account. I’m highly satisfied!”


We realize that you are sure to have questions. It’s not uncommon for new traders to wonder how the process works and whether it is right for them. While we welcome the chance to hear from you, we hear a lot of the same questions. Therefore, we created this FAQ section to help you understand more about our software and Bitcoin. If we don’t answer your questions here, you can contact us for more help.

Is anyone allowed to use this Prime Advantage Software?

Yes, the Prime Advantage software is designed for anyone to use it. Our app was created for new traders who have never traded before. Therefore, if you have no experience trading anywhere, including online, you can still trade Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and see profits.

Recently, we made some improvements to our Prime Advantage software to include customization features. That way, you can quickly set up the trading parameters that meet your needs while using the software. You don’t have to understand the trading process to be able to use it.

Plus, this latest version is here so that everyone can utilize it, and that does include YOU. Therefore, if you’re an experienced trader, this system works well for you, as well. The app can be utilized to test your various trading strategies and analysis abilities. With that, you can improve accuracy within the trading market and can increase profitability. Of course, you can use the automated mode when you want to do other things and the manual version when you want to test your skills. This means full control for all of your trading activities.

Why is your Prime Advantage software automated?

Those who have ever traded online understand that things move quickly and that every single second counts. Therefore, if you wait too long or hesitate even a second, you could enter the trade with the wrong price and incorrect information. When it comes to trading cryptocurrency or anything, each moment counts, and with our Prime Advantage software, it doesn’t hesitate when the time comes to close or open a trade. It can execute your trades with impressive speed and accuracy. Therefore, each one is made at the precise time and price every single time.

Automated trading is much more successful than doing it yourself because it eliminates the emotions that come with trading. For example, when you are trading and start to lose a bit of money during the process, you could easily begin panicking. Then, your trades become a little more reckless, and you might throw money on bad trades. The results are disastrous and end with you having significant losses.

Also, some traders are going to exit the trade too early because they are fearful of losing. They might come out ahead, but they still reduce the profit they could have made substantially.

With our Prime Advantage software, this doesn’t happen. The software is designed to operate on statistics, so it is never going to use emotions to trade. When it finds the right trading opportunity (one that matches the parameters you set earlier in the day), it is going to enter and exit those trades appropriately. An excellent benefit of our Prime Advantage app is that you do not have to use automated mode if you do not want to do so. You can set it for manual trades, which gives you more control of the activities. However, we do not recommend that new traders start in manual mode until they are more comfortable with the process.

What are the results I could expect from your Prime Advantage app?

Members of Prime Advantage who use the software can enjoy returns of about $1,500 each day. Some people even make more than that! In fact, we know that the potential to make a profit is nearly limitless, but it is influenced by how much capital you put in for the trades you make. Of course, the trading opportunities from the market can also place a significant role in how much money you can make. However, when you choose the upgrade Prime Advantage software, you know that you can make a lot of money when everything aligns correctly.

What are the fees involved?

Our Prime Advantage is available for free and never costs anything to download or use. We don’t have any hidden fees, and you aren’t required to pay a commission on what you earn. Any money deposited into your account is entirely yours. This means you can withdraw it at any time, as well as your profits without any hassles or issues.

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, sometimes called a cryptocurrency. It was introduced in 2009 to the financial markets. Generally, it’s described as a digital currency, which is a kind of money that is completely and fully virtual. Every Bitcoin is, in a sense, a computer file. It gets stored inside a ‘digital wallet’ and can be on a computer or inside an app on your smart device. To spend Bitcoin and make transactions, you send a digital coin or a part of one to the digital wallet. Then, send the Bitcoin to others to pay for goods. Every single transaction made is recorded on a public list called a blockchain.

Let’s take a moment to understand how popular Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in the market. To do that, we need to focus on how much the value has changed from then to the present.

Once it got released initially, each coin was worth about $1. Five years later, in 2014, a Bitcoin could be purchased for about $700. This is quite a jump in price, but it didn’t end there. A few years ago, back in 2017, a Bitcoin was worth just under $20,000. Clearly, you can see the value and volatility of Bitcoin, and it is quite evident to anyone who sees those numbers and the significant jumps in value. You may also have read stories about the people who’ve invested in Bitcoin and made millions.

You can also invest in this highly popular cryptocurrency and still make a lot of money. Though there is a cap, we are nowhere near close to reaching it. Plus, when you use the Prime Advantage software, you don’t require trading experience to utilize the system and win big. Instead, you trade Bitcoin contracts for differences (CFDs). This ensures that you can speculate on Bitcoin’s current price and whether it is going to go up or down. That way, you don’t have to own any Bitcoin to make trades and money.

How much does it cost to use Prime Advantage?

The software doesn’t cost anything to download or use, and you don’t have hidden fees or commissions to pay. To start trading, you just have to sign up for an account and activate it by funding it with $250 or more. Include the necessary information on the form and submit it so that your account is activated. Remember, any money you add to your account is yours, and you get to keep anything you earn from trades. Then, withdraw it when you want with no hassles.

How much do I have to work each day?

One of many benefits of utilizing Prime Advantage is that it does all the work to analyze the markets for you. This way, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on your phone or in front of a computer to find the right opportunities. For the software to work, you just set up the trading parameters you want each day, and this only takes a few minutes.

The trading preferences allow you to pick the cryptocurrencies and assets that you want our software to trade for on your behalf. It also focuses on how much money you want to invest for each trade, the risk level you want to take, the strategies to use, and much more. While our software is designed to do it all for you, you still get to tell it what to do and how to do it based on your ideas. Therefore, it only takes a few moments of your time each day to profit with Bitcoin.

What’s the maximum amount of money I could make?

The profit potential of trading online is limitless, but it does depend significantly on the capital you have to work with, as well as other factors. These include the volatility and liquidity of the market. With the Prime Advantage software, profits are limitless, and the algorithm it uses can help you trade and find potential trades automatically. We’ve seen some members earn millions of dollars in just 58 days. Therefore, if you’re serious about making money, you should sign up for the updated and upgraded Prime Advantage.