Nikki Bella’s Net Worth: How the Wrestling Superstar Built a $9.3 Million Fortune Through Investments, Real Estate and More

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Nikki Bella, born Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, is a globally recognized wrestling superstar and entrepreneur, whose significant income streams have built an impressive net worth over the years. Known for her wrestling prowess, she has also ventured into various investments, demonstrating her financial acumen.

Nikki Bella’s Net Worth

Earnings (WWE)$2 million (estimated)
Earnings (Investing)$3 million (estimated)
Investments$1 million (estimated)
Crypto Investments$500 thousand (estimated)
NFT Investments$300 thousand (estimated)
Real Estate$2.5 million (estimated)
Total Net Worth$9.3 million (average of estimates)
Net Worth Range$8 million to $10 million

Earnings (WWE)

Nikki Bella’s career in WWE has been the most significant contributor to her net worth. Her total earnings from WWE are estimated around $2 million. This figure includes salaries, bonuses, and income from Pay-Per-View events, brand endorsements, and her reality television show.

Earnings (Investing)

Besides wrestling, Nikki has engaged in smart investing, which brings in a substantial portion of her wealth. Her investing earnings are projected to be around $3 million. Her portfolio includes stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, indicating a balanced approach towards investing.


Outside of the financial market, Nikki has invested in several businesses, which add to her net worth. With an estimated value of $1 million, these investments span across fitness and clothing lines, a wine label, and her YouTube channel.

Crypto Investments

In the crypto market, Nikki has taken a progressive approach with an estimated $500 thousand invested in various cryptocurrencies. Although it’s a volatile market, her crypto investments demonstrate her willingness to explore new financial frontiers.

NFT Investments

Nikki has also ventured into NFT investments with an estimated $300 thousand invested. These digital assets contribute to her diverse investment portfolio, embodying her progressive investment strategies.

Real Estate

Nikki Bella’s real estate holdings, valued at an estimated $2.5 million, include her luxurious home in Arizona. This investment adds significant value to her net worth, proving her acumen in capitalizing on lucrative real estate markets.

Total Net Worth

Combining all her income sources, Nikki Bella’s total net worth is estimated to be $9.3 million. This figure paints a picture of Nikki’s financial success, derived from her wrestling career, strategic investments, and diverse business ventures.

Net Worth Range

The range of Nikki Bella’s net worth is estimated between $8 million to $10 million. This range accounts for the potential fluctuations due to the performance of her investments and the variability of her income sources.

Final Thoughts

Nikki Bella’s net worth is a testament to her hard work, strategic planning, and financial acumen. Not just a wrestling superstar, she is a seasoned investor and businesswoman, painting a multi-faceted picture of her financial profile.


How did Nikki Bella accumulate her wealth?

Nikki Bella has accumulated her wealth through various sources. She first gained prominence as a professional wrestler in WWE, where her earnings included salaries, bonuses, and pay-per-view event income. In addition to wrestling, Nikki expanded her earning capacity by venturing into reality television with shows like ‘Total Divas’ and ‘Total Bellas.’ Nikki, along with her twin sister Brie Bella, also runs several successful businesses, including a clothing line (Birdiebee), a wine label (Belle Radici), and a YouTube channel. Further, Nikki has strategically invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, which have significantly contributed to her overall net worth.

What are Nikki Bella’s most profitable investments?

Nikki Bella’s most profitable investments appear to be her businesses and real estate. Birdiebee, her clothing line, has been successful and well-received, contributing to a significant portion of her non-wrestling income. Her wine label, Belle Radici, has also garnered positive reviews and robust sales. Additionally, Nikki’s real estate investments, notably her luxurious Arizona home, have added substantial value to her net worth. In the financial market, Nikki has made wise choices by investing in a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, further bolstering her wealth.

How does Nikki Bella’s net worth compare to other female wrestling superstars?

As of April 2023, Nikki Bella’s estimated net worth is around $9.3 million, placing her among the top tier of female wrestling superstars. However, net worth varies greatly among wrestlers due to factors such as tenure, popularity, endorsement deals, and investments outside wrestling. For instance, Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer and an occasional wrestler, reportedly has a net worth significantly higher than most active wrestlers. On the other hand, newer or less prominent female wrestlers may have a net worth well below Nikki Bella’s. Nikki’s diverse income streams and savvy investments indeed set her apart in terms of financial success in the wrestling world.

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