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A decade a ago, Bitcoin has revolutionized the way people perceive international transactions and money. After all, this cryptocurrency with the largest market cap has the highest growth rates in cryptocurrency history.

Most cryptocurrency trading experts have recommended beginners and seasoned traders use crypto trading robots to make better decisions. With automated crypto trading systems, you can have a bigger picture of the crypto market while collecting critical data.

Bitcoin Buyer is one of the popular crypto trading bots nowadays, specifically designed for Bitcoin. Beginners and experienced traders can benefit from using this bot. Even if you have no prior trading skills or experience, you start using this software with ease.

However, just like other traders out there, you also want to know more about Bitcoin Buyer before you get started with it. Keep reading and find answers to your questions about this crypto trading bot.

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What is Bitcoin Buyer

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Buyer is an automated cryptocurrency trading app you can use to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos on the open market. It is a newcomer in the cryptocurrency trading world and tested for about six weeks before its official launch, but many traders were already attracted to use it.

Bitcoin Buyer was designed and developed by experts from popular and trusted IT companies. It helps execute trades faster. While it is a fully automated software, you can also use it in manual mode. So, it lets you choose a trading preference.

Since it is a free software, you do not need to pay any monthly subscription or fee to use this trading software. The only required investment is at least $250 trading capital or equivalent currency, thanks to the bilateral agreements among trusted brokers.

This cryptocurrency trading bot eliminates fear, greed, and other emotions that can negatively impact your decision while increasing accuracy. It is available in mobile app and web versions. 

If you choose the web version, beware that it only works on Safari, Mozilla, and Chrome. Meanwhile, if you prefer the mobile app version, you can use the HTML app on your iOS or Android device. From the welcome email, you will find a link to download the app. If you want to use the native app for your iOS or Android device, you can download the app from the trading resources page.

How Does Bitcoin Buyer Work

Bitcoin Buyer is not authorized to manage your money. Instead, it has built solid partnerships with authorized and regulated brokers in the industry, which act as financial entities.

The brokers receive your deposit and facilitate the trading activities. They perform instantaneous orders, enabling you to take advantage of profit opportunities available using scalping, a trading technique.

This trading robot will help you scan the market trends and best signals. If you find the trading operations challenging and confusing, it will help you simplify things. The system will also help you spot profitable trades that will match your setup. With Bitcoin Buyer, the entire trading process runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Why People Like Bitcoin Buyer

Bitcoin Buyer is one of the most popular crypto trading bots globally because of the thousands of users. It has a good reputation among traders. The trade execution is faster than other trading robots out there. Plus, it quickly adapts to the exchanges based on the market conditions and volatility.
This trading software has simplified features and functionalities necessary for ensuring you will gain an advantage among other traders. If you are not yet convinced with Bitcoin Buyer, below are other reasons why many traders like this software:

Fast Withdrawals

This app enables you to make fast withdrawals that will reflect in your account within a maximum of 36 hours. Beware that other platforms take longer times to complete the withdrawal requests. 

Trusted and Regulated Brokers

Another great thing about Bitcoin Buyer is that it works directly with regulated and authorized online brokers. In other words, you are protected against scams or shady trading platforms. Meanwhile, you have to keep in mind that crypto trading still carries the risk of losing money. So, it is recommended not to invest more than you can afford to lose.

Verification System

The verification system of this cryptocurrency trading bot is according to the user information collected instead of identification documents’ virtual shipment. This system is only necessary with a brokers who need the classic KYC compilation.

No Complex Trading Skills Required

As an open cryptocurrency trading software, anyone can use it. You do not need to have any complex skills or experience. The bot will guide you to start your journey to crypto trading. After several trading sessions, you will see that you are getting more familiar with the trading patterns and creating strategies.

Secure Trading Experience

Bitcoin Buyer’s developers promise that every trading operation and piece of your information is protected against cyber-attacks and other security issues if you worry about personal financial information. That way, you can focus on growing your portfolio and improving your trading decisions and performances.
Moreover, hackers cannot gain access to the software without authorization. It is secured with advanced malware and antivirus programs.

Easy Trading

As mentioned earlier, there is no need for you to have any advanced trading skills or experience just to use Bitcoin Buyer. In return, you will find the entire trading experience easy. After creating an account and making a deposit, you can start trading by activating the live trading bot. If you do not want to involve real money, you can use the app’s demo feature. 

Transparent Live Trading

Bitcoin Buyer offers an interesting live trading experience. Once you activate the software with a click, it will help you execute trades fully automated. It will assist you in finding the best deals based on your trading style and goals. The live trading experience is also completed through a transparent process.

Can I Trust Bitcoin Buyer

The ease and functionality in which the Bitcoin Buyer is used contribute to its popularity. Many traders who use this software have confirmed its legitimacy and integrity.

It is safe to say that you can trust this crypto trading bot, particularly because it directly cooperates with licensed and regulated online brokers. The software also has advanced security solutions, such as malware and antivirus programs. So, you do not have to worry about your personal financial information.

The Steps Necessary to Sign Up for the Bitcoin Buyer App

If you are ready to start trading with this cryptocurrency trading robot, follow the steps below to sign up. Don’t worry; you do not need any advanced knowledge to complete the sign-up process.

Step 1: Sign Up

First, you have to visit the app homepage to sign up for a new account. Fill out the registration form that you can find next to the presentation video. After entering your personal information, check your phone number and email address to access the control dashboard. 
Please note that live trading is only available to registered traders with active accounts. You do not have to provide much information during the sign-up process. You also have the freedom to choose the password you want to use.
After the registration, there is no need to wait for the verification because the process is immediate and instant. The software verified the details right away.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

You can choose from a wide array of payment methods. You can deposit through MasterCard or Visa credit cards, MoneyGram, PayPal, and direct bank transfer. As part of the sign-up process, you need to deposit a minimum of $250.

Step 3: Demo Trading

With the demo feature, you can check what you can expert before using real money. You can also test all the functions and features before going live. The demo version provides a simulation of what you can get once you make a live trade. It is recommended to beginners since it lets you see how the software works.
You can get critical information about the different trading elements. You can also include the total balance of the demo, the open doors, the current operation, the commercial history, the earnings, the board, and more. Once you open the demo account, you will instantly receive a $1500 cash bonus.

Step 4: Live Trading

After funding your account, the software will ask you to alter the commercial configuration to customize your trading preferences. You can modify the maximum daily trades, stop loss, profits, and other settings. You can also add a list of your preferred currency pairs or exclude others based on your preference.


To sum it up, Bitcoin Buyer can be your reliable companion during trading operations if you want a trading bot that delivers automation, speed, and protection against cyber-attacks. This software is also known for its security and precision. Plus, you only need at least $250 and can use the demo feature before using real money.