Quantum AI Review

Before You Sign Up, Read Our Quantum AI Review! 【Updated 2023】

  • Easy to use
  • Different parameters to control trading
  • No additional fee
  • Supports Stocks, CFDs, Currencies and Cryptocurrencies
Pros & Cons
  • Easy registration process
  • Maximum access to dedicated account managers
  • Wide range of deposit methods available
  • Robot customization
  • Mobile app not supported
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Quantum AI is known to be a cryptocurrency trading bot designed to help traders discover the best entry and exit points in the market. With this trading robot, traders are able to access the market liquidity and have an idea of when to step into the market and when to stay away from the market. Quantum AI has only been active on the market for about 4 years, and it offers a wide range of advanced trading robots.

This trading bot works with cryptocurrency options such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and lots more, alongside currency pairs. By making use of their preferred setting options, traders are able to design and modify their own trading robots on the platform.

Is Quantum AI Legit?

Upon our Quantum AI review, we discovered that the trading software is absolutely legit and a great choice for every trader. Also, before stating this fact, we have conducted our research in order to give traders maximum genuity about the site. Another thing is that all the information required to be knowledgeable about its regularity is available on the company’s website. One interesting thing about this trading bot is that traders are able to customize their bot by making use of at least 3 trading indicators.

Creating An Account on Quantum AI

Our Quantum AI review shows that this bot has a user-friendly interface when compared to other trading bots, making it quite easy for newbies to understand how it works. However, for those who have no basic knowledge about trading, here is how creating an account works on Quantum AI.

Sign up for a Quantum AI

New users are able to create their account by clicking on the “registration” button that is on the homepage. Users are required to input certain personal information, which includes their telephone number, full name, email address, and currency choice, after which they will be required to create a new, strong, and unique password. After submitting that, traders will have to select a broker from the list made available and accept the terms and conditions before they can continue.

Funding the account

In order for traders to verify and start using their account, they are required to make an initial deposit of $250. The funding process does not take too long, and the procedure is complete. The platform offers various methods of making deposits, such as through cryptocurrency like BTC, LTC, and ETH, and also through other currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP. Although registration is free, it is advisable to keep in mind that only one broker that is selected is actually registered. Therefore, select a broker that will put your mind at ease and be sure your funds are safe.

Try Demo Trades

Quantum AI does not offer a traditional demo account feature. However, traders are able to test run the robots made available on the platform. This means that this is only possible when a user has not made the initial deposit meant to open the bot. By making use of the demo account, traders are able to figure out how the software makes trades and also customize their own trades.

During the whole process of using the Quantum AI demo account, a graph will be made available to display the traders’ supposed earnings while making use of the trading robot. This will help determine whether this bot will work well for you or not.

Live Trading

After getting the hang of how the platform works and with the experience gained from using the demo account, users can now begin making use of their real funds to trade. Ensure to always trade with funds you can afford to lose, as there are definitely some risks involved when making use of this trading bot.

Regulations and Safety for Quantum AI Traders

As of our Quantum AI review, Quantum AI is not yet regulated. However, this is not something new when it comes to trading bots, as this part of software does not necessarily require them to be regulated in order to operate.

Payment Methods Accepted by Quantum AI

When it comes to depositing funds into your Quantum AI account or into the affiliated broker account, there are various options for traders to choose from. Quantum AI offers over 15 different payment methods to their traders, including cryptocurrency and even credit cards. There are no trading fees attached to Quantum AI trading bot. This means that the process of funding your account on the platform is absolutely free. Some of the accepted payment methods by Quantum AI include: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, VISA, Bitcoin cash, XRP, IOTA, DASH, Master Card, ZCash, and others.

With Quantum AI being a free software featuring some of the best trading robots, traders do not require any fees to deposit funds, sign up, or even withdraw funds, as the earnings in their account are theirs to use however, they want.


When compared to other trading robots, Quantum AI is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges attached to it. There is no need for users to download it as it is easily accessible from any web browser on any smartphone or computer, giving traders the best trading option. Quantum AI has a user-friendly interface that is also quite easy to navigate. Setting up and account creation only takes a couple of minutes, and users are good to go.

Other trading bots unusually tend to assign brokers to their users, but Quantum AI allows traders to select between the four brokers made available to them, and each of these brokers is SSL certified and fully registered, meaning that users’ bank details, personal information, and log-in details are safe and secure. Traders are advised to be aware of the risks involved in using this trading bot, as bad strategy or inaccurate settings can result in losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What device can I use Quantum AI on?

Presently, Quantum AI does not support any mobile trading apps. However, traders can make use of a laptop or computer system to optimize their trades. Quantum AI is made accessible to users via the website. By making use of web browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome, traders are able to gain access to the site easily. However, traders can make use of their mobile devices to monitor their trading through any of the affiliated brokers. Some of the mobile apps enabled by Quantum AI affiliated brokers are accessible on Android, iPad, iPhone, and tablets.

How easy is it to use Quantum AI?

Trading robots generally are relatively new, and traders would expect the robots to be quite easy to work with. Quantum AI is also one of the easiest platforms to use for traders. With the simple and straightforward sign-up and funding process, we can conclude that it is quite easy to use.

Is Quantum AI available in my country?

There are no specifications on Quantum AI website about the countries in which the trading bot can be used. However, users who have traded with the software affirm that the trading bot is readily available in most countries without restrictions. However, their website made mention of the fact that the trading bot might not be available to traders in countries that have strict rules and regulations on cryptocurrency trading.

What are the key features of Quantum AI?

Looking at the features, the main features available on Quantum AI include a dedicated customer support team and customizable or adjustable robots. With the help of the customer support team, all queries are attended to in real time. Also, the trading bot can be optimized or customized to suit the trader’s preferences.

Is Quantum AI safe?

Quantum AI makes use of the web-based trading platform due to the fact that it wants to ensure maximum protection of its users from downloading corrupted viruses that could affect their genuine information. It also makes use of an SSL security layer to secure the data and other personal information of its traders.

Are my funds protected?

Since Quantum AI is just a trading platform, it has no say over the protection of traders’ funds. However, the protection of the users’ funds and details is in the hands of the brokers who have partnered with Quantum AI. It is therefore advisable to do your own research on the broker you want to use before choosing one, in order to select one that ensures your funds are protected.

Do I have to verify my account with Quantum AI?

During our review, there was no particular information concerning the verification process of users on Quantum AI. However, it is essential for traders to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) scheme on to the exchanges and affiliated brokers.

Is Quantum AI regulated?

Unfortunately, Quantum AI does not seem to have any regulatory license. However, the brokers they partner with already have a regulatory license. Therefore, users should ensure they only trade with funds they can afford to lose due to the risk involved.

Risk Disclaimer

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