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If you are currently reading this right now, it means that we still have some available spots. We can’t allow every single person into our community as members and can only open a few slots each season. Now that you’re here, you’ve got a chance to make significant gains when trading Bitcoin CFDs. In fact, some of our members have made profits of $260, $7,543, and sky-rocketing ones of $67,544 after a single trade. Once you’ve entered your name, password, phone number, and an email address, you can get started. Everything is secure, so your information is safe and protected.

When You Join CFD Trader, This Is What You Get:

  • •      Direct and free access to the top-rated CFD broker
  • •      A free one-on-one coaching call when you sign up (it can take 48 hours to receive)
  • •      A personal mentor that’s available to help you every day of the week
  • •      Access to some of the best trading technology. It’s been generating billions of dollars of profits for our members
  • •      Free training kit, which is worth over $2,000. Get up to speed quickly so that you can trade without experience and have an idea of what’s going on.
All it’s going to take is a minimum deposit of $250 for you to get started. Plus, you can always withdraw your money whenever you desire. The established deposit account is solely for you, and no one else can gain access to it.

How It All Works

Though some people like to be surprised, we know you might be skeptical. Understanding how the signup process works can ensure that you feel comfortable enough to join and participate in live trading.

Sign Up

It is free to sign up using our website. Plus, the page itself is secure and safe. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to be connected with a broker.


When connected with the broker, it’s time to make your initial deposit. You must use at least $250, but you can deposit more. This process can be time-consuming and a little confusing. However, you work directly with a senior account manager, which can help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Make Trades

Once the broker receives the deposit amount you agreed upon, you are going to start making trades. Your senior account manager stays with you and guides you on the right strategies to use to become successful with online trading.
You’ve got someone available to help you through each step of the process. That means you’re never alone or confused about what to do. Plus, you can ask questions and learn more about the system so that you can complete trades on your own, which is the ultimate goal.

Testimonials from CFD Trader app Happy Members

We realize you’ve got a lot to think about when deciding on a new auto-trading robot. In fact, you’re bound to be skeptical. Reading about some of our other members and what they’ve accomplished can help you realize your earning potential.
Tammy D.
When I search out anything new, I always look for honesty and trust. I’ve worked with the same brokers since December of 2015, and they have always treated with respect. Plus, they never lie and explain everything to me in a way that I can understand. Of course, when I first started, my strategy didn’t work well. Still, I’ve made consistent gains, and they’ve become substantial over the last few years. Plus, I can withdraw my earnings whenever I want!
Robert C.
In January, I started out with about $257 in my account. By the middle of February, I had withdrawn about $820 in pure profits. I never trade during the day and prefer to make them at night. Plus, I don’t do it every single night, either. The price changes through CFD Trader are calculated to six decimal places, so I usually come out ahead on almost every deal I make. Those 60-second options are the best, in my opinion.
Mark J.
When I first started using CFD Trader, I practiced my trades using a very small budget. However, within a few days, I had my strategy down pat and worked closely with the senior account manager I was given. Now, I’m completely hooked on this system, and my trades are paying off substantially. I’ve actually made more than 800 profitable trades and have paid off my mortgage completely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we know that you’re bound to have questions. Though we try to provide as much information on the website as we can, it might not be enough. Many members asked us the below questions before they chose to sign up. Therefore, we feel that these are some of the FAQs that should be included on our list. If we don’t answer a question or concern of yours, please email us at [email protected]. We’re sure to respond fast.

What Are CFDs?

A CFD is a Contract for Difference. It’s a popular option for derivative trading. With CFDs, you actually speculate on how things are going to rise or fall based on the prices that are current. It works for any fast-paced financial market, including currencies, indices, shares, and commodities. You’re not buying or selling the asset, such as a currency, share, or commodity. Instead, you are buying or selling units within a specific market. When you think the price is going to go up, you buy the units, and when you believe they are going to go down, you sell them.

How Can CFDs Get Me Rich?

With CFD trading, you are buying or selling units of a particular instrument, such as Bitcoin. This depends on your ideas of whether or not the price is going to go down or up. When the instrument’s cost falls, and you believed it was going to do so, you get more CFD units that you’ve purchased or sold. For each point that is in your favor, you can gain multiple CFD units. Of course, when you earn more points, you are going to have more CFD units with time.

Though you can get rich with CFD trading, you can lose money, as well. If you pick a particular price point and it moves against it, you are going to lose that trade.

What Do Leverage and Margins Mean for CFD Trading?

CFDs are a leveraged product. This means that you can make a smaller deposit than normal. In a sense, it’s a small percentage of the regular trade value so that you can open up your trading position. This is called 'Trading on the Margin.’ Sometimes, it’s referred to as the ‘margin requirement.’

When you trade on the margin, you can gain significant wealth and see exponential gains. However, the opposite can also be true where you see large losses. Though this can be a little nerve-wracking for some people, the fact is that the same applies on CFD Trader, other auto-trading robots, and any trades you might make on any market.

What Steps Should I Take to Open My CFD Trader Account?

The first thing you must do is register for an account on CFD Trader. Please go to the homepage and see the registration form right on the top. It’s going to ask for basic information, including your name and a phone number. You should also input your preferred email address and create a password or have one generated for you. Then, you can be connected with a broker that’s in your region.

Next, you are going to have to deposit the minimum $250 or however much you want to add to your account. You do this through the broker. This initial deposit sits in the account and can be withdrawn at any time. In fact, you can add money to the account and immediately remove it all just to see how the process works. We are very transparent in that way.

A senior account manager works with you to add and remove money from your account.

Of course, you don’t need to know much about trading, but we do recommend that you learn as much as you can about CFD Trader. Find out how it works and the features available. You can ask your senior account manager questions to feel comfortable with the process.

Once you’re more familiar with our application and how the software works, it is now time to make trades. Of course, your senior account manager is available to guide you through each step on the way. Plus, they can teach you some of the best strategies to use so that you become successful as an online trader.

How Long Should It Take Before I earn Money Using CFD Trader?

You are going to start earning money almost immediately. Of course, you’ve got to learn about the system and begin making trades first. Your senior account manager is there to help you start. The length of time it can take to earn money depends on a variety of factors. These can include the time you take at your computer each day and the volatility of the market right then.

How Can I Stay Safe While Using CFD Trader?

We’ve got the most stringent security measures in place and focused on that during the creation of the platform. However, there are some tips available for you to follow to ensure your safety while using our platform.

Create a Strong Password

  • The password you make must be at least eight characters in length.
  • Your password should contain a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. Special characters and numbers are also recommended.
  • Don’t use letters and numbers in sequence. This includes ABCD or 1234.
  • Do not make a password that is related to you in any way. For example, if you like pickles, don’t include that word in the password.
  • Make sure your password is meaningless, random, and hard to figure out.
  • Use different passwords for each of your online accounts.
  • Remember the password. Write it down or store it in your phone’s notepad for safekeeping.

Two-Factor Authentication

We require two-factor authentication on our website and platform. This additional security measure means that you must receive a verification code on your phone. You enter this code and your password when you go to log into your account with us. It’s a one-time thing, but we can request another one if you don’t sign in for a few days.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a way to trick people who think they might get into your account. Even if they gain access to your user name or password, they must be able to answer questions that only you should know. This information must, of course, by programmed into the system. We ask that each person set up their security questions when they initially sign up for an account.

The types of questions can vary, but they include things like your favorite color, the name of a specific teacher, or your mother’s maiden name. It’s important that you choose questions with answers that only you know. Also, make sure that you remember the answer to the question because we can then use this to verify your identity if we have a concern.

Take Appropriate Steps to Prevent ID Theft

Once you’ve created an account, you should keep that information private. Do not give it to anyone or let anyone onto your computer. Many times, computer programs save passwords to make it easier for you, but this means anyone with computer/phone access can get into your auto trading platform.

Try not to open any attachments from people you don’t know. That way, you don’t risk spyware or malware being added to your device. It’s also best to check the website address bar to make sure it’s correct and secure.

7 spots left, hurry!
Fill in your information below and get started!