BitQT Review

Check out our BITQT review before signing up! 【Updated For 2023】

  • Minimum Deposit - $250
  • No Fees
  • Web-based, Mobile Compatible
Pros & Cons
  • User-friendly software interface
  • Hassle-free and straightforward registration process
  • Easy and fast withdrawal process
  • Low account minimums
  • Has a demo account
  • Multiple deposit options
  • Low commissions
  • Has educational materials for trading insights
  • It's not available globally
  • No customer support
  • No mobile app
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Trading on the crypto market can be challenging and hard to navigate as a beginner. It’s, therefore, imperative to partner with a trading platform that’ll put you in the best position to learn more about trading so that you’re able to see the bigger picture of the market.

There are many trading platforms on the market, which has made finding a trustworthy trading platform 10 times harder. Moreover, a few bogus ones scam users out of their money. Traders must be extra vigilant to locate a trading platform that will improve their trading skills. They must conduct extensive research and due diligence to cross-check if what a particular trading platform is saying about its services is true.

An excellent way to do due diligence is reading through trading platform reviews. It helps you gain insights from users who have used a particular bot without registering. The information you acquire from reading through reviews will help you make an informed decision. Here’s an example of one such review of the BITQT platform.

Is BITQT Legit?

It definitely is. BITQT has various factors that put it on the legitimate spectrum. First, it has a secure security system and works based on KYC. To register and have access to the BITQT trading account, you’ll first need to verify your details. This is done to determine users’ details as authentic. Moreover, it has followed all the guidelines of online regulations that curb internet breaches. You’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing that your details and money are safe on the platform.

Furthermore, BITQT is quite transparent. You’ll find tons of information about BITQT’s background and its owners on the internet. The platform is as open as it can get. It’s not operating as if it’s hiding something. You can easily retrieve BITQT’s email address or its privacy policy on the internet.

When you look at the withdrawal process on the BITQT platform (the ultimate scammer test) it’s easy and swift. There are no excuses as to why you can’t withdraw your money. Once you request your withdrawal, the platform will swiftly transfer it into the bank account you initially gave out during the registration process.

Scam trading bots usually make false promises to lure users into their trap. This is not the case with BITQT. It keeps it real what could happen on the market. Trading is like a gamble, one minute, you’re winning, and the next minute you’re making losses. The platform does not shield you from the online trading risks of the market. It has profoundly outlined this to users, which is what a legit trading platform can only do.

What Is BITQT?

BITQT trading platform is a platform that helps traders, especially beginners, to improve their trading skills. It has made available tons of resources and webinars that outline market trends and performances, plus analytical reports for trading. The information gained from this knowledge ensures users have the bigger picture of the trading market that allows them to make informed decisions.

Moreover, it also helps users learn how to trade without emotions. You can have a chance to trade in various trading spreads like CFDs and cryptos.

How Does BITQT Work?

Once you open an account with BITQT and have confirmed your details are authentic, you’ll get access to your account. The platform encourages users not to rush to trade; it directs them to all the educational materials on the platform. Afterward, they can practice on the demo account and then jump to live trading.

You’ll first need to deposit the account minimum before trading using the platform’s multiple payment options. Remember, the bot will not trade for you. You only feed it a certain trading strategy that you believe can make a successful trade. Users also have the final say when it comes to buying and selling your crypto. The bot will only recommend trades related to your previous trades and transactions you may be interested in.

This is a volatile industry; anything can happen, and the strategy you use can be successful today and fail the next day. That’s why traders are always advised to have a place-it and forget-it mentality while trading.

BITQT Features

Let’s look at some of the features you’ll expect on the platform.

Registration Process

The process is quite simple with three broad steps:

Account Opening

You’ll have to visit the BITQT website to register on the platform. While registering, you need to give out your name, email address, and phone number.

Email Confirmation

Once you’ve hit the register button, the platform will automatically send you a confirmation email. This is done to verify your details are authentic and that you’re who you say you are. BITQT works based on KYC – you can’t access your account if it hasn’t verified you.

Explore BITQT

Once BITQT verifies your details, you’re good to go. You can explore the platform to figure out how certain features work. Afterward, you can move forward to the next set-up phase.


You’ll need to deposit an account minimum for you to trade. The threshold stands at $250. You can deposit the amount through various payment options like PayPal, debit and credit card, plus wire transfer. BITQT also encourages users to start slow in trading and use an account minimum. Once you make a successful transaction, you can withdraw the profits and maintain the account minimum.

Don’t try channeling all the money you’ve recently acquired back into the market, as anything can change in minutes. The market is quite unpredictable. BITQT encourages users to start slow, and after they’ve gained confidence in their trade, they can dare to go for more significant investments with higher risks on the market.

BITQT Withdrawal Process

It’s easy to withdraw from the platform with an airtight security measure that ensures the money withdrawn does not fall into the wrong hands. First, you’ll have to request a withdrawal service. The platform will, in turn, revert an automatic verification code, which notifies you that you intend to withdraw your fund.

Upon successful verification, you’ll have access to your funds after the platform transfers them directly into your bank account. The process is quick and efficient, plus you can withdraw at any time of day.

Demo Account

This is a replica of live trading without real money. Users can practice and sharpen their skills to wade out any careless mistake that can happen during the trade. You can easily shift to and from a demo account at any stage of your trading journey.

Mobile App

This is where BITQT loses the ball. It doesn’t have a mobile app, which can be a downer as you can’t check and monitor your trade or make a quick trade conveniently. You can only access the trading platform on a desktop or mobile browser. The platform is working hard and is ever-growing. It would not come as a surprise when you see mobile app options available. In the meantime, you can access your trading account via a web-based browser plus a mobile browser.

Exchange Integration

The platform offers exchange integration services. You’ll be able to change your money to your desired crypto or change crypto to cash. Moreover, users can also change one cryptocurrency for another as desired. BITQT has partnered with an exchange integration firm, which conveniently helps users exchange services on the platform. This means you’ll not waste time outsourcing outside services when you need exchange integration, as you can easily do it on the platform.

Educational Materials

As much as BITQT is a trading platform, it’s also a learning platform. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, or someone in between, there’s always something new to learn that’ll jog your way out of making a wrong investment decision – a reason for its popularity.

It has webinars, video tutorials, and soft copy materials that will put any trader in a position to see the bigger picture of trade – therefore, ensuring that you make better trading decisions in the future.

Is BITQT Safe?

The platform has conformed to safety protocols that ensure users’ personal information or money is safe. It’s quite hard for unscrupulous hackers to breach the security system put in place. BITQT has abided by all security measures put in place by authorized online regulatory bodies, making losing sensitive information or money impossible.

Therefore, users don’t have to worry about their money being safe and may focus on trading alone. Moreover, all BITQT account holders must be verified based on KYC. This means that users must take steps to prove their identity and address before attaining an account. A user will also get a verification notice with regard to any requests on the platform. This is basically done to deter any unauthorized persons from accessing your account – with these measures in place; BITQT has become a safe place to trade.

BITQT Prices and Fees

The platform is free to register and has no hidden fees. A user will not incur any amount of money while registering on the platform. However, you’ll incur a certain amount of commission on every transaction done on the platform. BITQT platform has a whole commission section where users can read and understand what they’re all about.

Overall, the good thing about BITQT that gives it an edge over other competitors is that the commissions are quite low. You will not feel a pinch in your pocket. After making successful trade on the platform, the commission is cut. Moreover, you get a front-row seat to how the final figure was calculated. Talk about transparency.

BITQT Highlights

Here’s a summary table of features to expect on the BITQT platform.

Type of platform


Withdrawal fees

No fees

Types of platforms

Web-based, mobile Compatible

Deposit options

Credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal


Generally, BITQT is an excellent platform for traders, especially those who are in their early stages of trade and can easily improve their trading skills. It doesn’t run with the false promises narrative to get as many people to sign up to trade. BITQT is an open book. It will tell you exactly what to expect on the market; certainly a trustworthy trading partner you can count on.

You can easily withdraw from BITQT. This gives users peace of mind knowing once they make successful transactions, they can easily withdraw their funds. You’ll not meet tons of excuses as to why you can’t withdraw your money. The process is also easy and secure.

Additionally, it has made its registration less ambiguous with simple steps to open an account. You’ll also not worry about internet breaches that usually wish to phish information or steal money as the platform has tight safety protocols. It gives users ample time to focus on determining a winning trading strategy that may make a successful trade.

Moreover, it has educational content from webinars to video tutorials that give insight into the trading market. Traders can learn as they trade on various aspects like market trends and crypto performance. Having such information on BITQT is convenient and helps you gain insights into the crypto world. The information acquired can easily assist traders in seeing the bigger picture of trade and making better investment decisions.

Overall, this is an excellent trading platform to start trading. It has made many strides to keep an exceptional reputation over the years.

Risk Disclaimer

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