Crypto Genius Review

What you need to know about Crypto Genius Trading Platform 【Updated For 2023】

  • Min. Deposit - $250
  • Platform easy to use
  • Longevity in the cryptocurrency space
  • Strong focus on security
Pros & Cons
  • Platform easy to use
  • Longevity in the cryptocurrency space
  • Strong focus on security
  • High fees
  • Limited options

In this Crypto Genius review, we’ll go over all of the details about the exchange to help traders decide whether or not to use it to sell or purchase cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Genius is an example of an up-and-coming crypto exchange that has served millions of customers from 188 countries around the world.

The platform is well recognized for its lightning-fast credit card transactions. You can buy Bitcoin and seven other cryptocurrencies instantly at Crypto Genius.

Crypto Genius is a fairly well-known cryptocurrency brokerage firm that provides Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency trading services. It is a better exchange for beginners to purchase their first Bitcoin.

Crypto Genius Services

Crypto Genius is a cryptocurrency brokerage that allows you to buy Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Unlike other exchanges that let users buy coins from other users, Crypto Genius allows customers to acquire cryptocurrencies directly from the exchange, which sells Bitcoin to clients.

Clients can buy and sell Bitcoin on Crypto Genius even if they bought it on a different exchange. The clients save a lot of time because they don’t have to look for purchasers to sell their Bitcoin. In addition, the Crypto Genius exchange is working hard to cut brokerage fees as much as possible.


High Spending Limits

Traders can acquire Bitcoin whenever they want up to a total value of 30,000 USD. On Crypto Genius, the minimum number of Bitcoins that may be purchased is 60 USD (or its equivalent in EUR/AUD/CAD, GBP/JPY). The buying restrictions, on the other hand, are determined by the client’s account level, with daily buying limits of 5,000 USD and monthly buying limits of 15,000 USD.

Users must go through three Crypto Genius verification levels procedures before making any kind of purchase. With each stage of verification, the sending restrictions increase. Traders must submit one legitimate official ID, such as a voter card or a driver’s license as part of the Level 1 verification process.

Further, traders must upload a secondary ID and a legitimate utility bill as part of the Level 2 verification process.

Users must fill out a form on the Crypto Genius exchange’s website as part of the Level 3 verification process.

User Friendly Interface

Unlike most other cryptocurrency exchanges, Crypto Genius does not require the assistance of a trained professional to use the trading platform. By visiting the Crypto Genius website, one can quickly learn about the exchange’s operations. Every piece of information is available there, and the registration process is simple.

Traders must first register on the Crypto Genius website by entering basic information such as their complete name, address, phone number, and a valid email address. After that, customers must secure their login credentials with a strong password.

They should make a mental note of the password each time they log in to the broker’s website, they can write it down, keep it in a secure location, and they should never share it with anybody.

Then, Crypto Genius will verify your account in three steps (Level 1, 2, and 3), with each level requiring the trader to provide various ID documents to verify their information. After that, the crypto enthusiast must go to the “Buy” button and select the cryptocurrency that they wish to purchase.

The next step is for the trader to decide how much money they want to spend on their preferred coins. These coins will be credited to the trader’s wallet once they hit the “Buy Now” option and submits the payment details.

Customer Support

Crypto Genius focuses on providing superior customer support and an exceptional user experience to ensure that transactions are completed quickly.

The new bit ventures platform has a full customer care center, as well as a dedicated support channel that can be contacted via email. This platform’s customer service team makes every effort to respond to client inquiries within 24 hours.

Fast Verification

Crypto Genius, like any other cryptocurrency exchange, requires you to authenticate your identity before you can buy or sell on the platform.

Users claim that verification takes anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours, with most users reporting that it takes between 15 and 30 minutes.


Crypto Genius is a cryptocurrency exchange that does not keep any user funds on its platform. To initiate a financial transfer, users must have a crypto wallet. This security feature mitigates some of the hazards that customers face when storing their funds on a platform.

The platform also advises customers on how to create a secure password and login, and client data such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers are not saved on the platform.

Crypto Genius clients must also authenticate their identity by giving a driver’s license, passport, or other acceptable government-issued ID in addition to these features.

Customers are also urged, but not needed, to set up two-factor authentication.

Account Management

Crypto Genius users can log in to their online account or download the Crypto Genius app. After logging in, consumers can see the status of their orders, which range from pending to failed to complete.

Understanding how to move money from Crypto Genius to a crypto wallet is essential to using the platform. While transferring funds is a simple process, folks who aren’t familiar with it may be more likely to look for exchanges that have built-in wallets.

Who Should Use Crypto Genius?

The Crypto Genius platform is great for newbies to cryptocurrencies. If you’ve read our Crypto Genius exchange review in its entirety, it’s safe to assume you’re familiar with the platform. This is a cryptocurrency brokerage firm that offers clients safe and secure money services. It allows buyers to purchase cryptocurrency directly from the exchange rather than from other dealers on the site.

According to our findings, the Crypto Genius platform is excellent for first-time buyers. First-time purchasers who do not currently own any cryptos can easily purchase them on the exchange using their credit/debit cards or even wire transfers.

Even if traders decide to buy a less popular cryptocurrency at any point in time, they may easily exchange it with other big crypto assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, making Crypto Genius a good place to start.

Traders can quickly move their cryptos to exchanges that offer the cryptos that traders want and then trade them with their cryptocurrencies to acquire Bitcoin or Ethereum at any time with other accessible cryptos. It’s as simple as that to trade your favorite cryptos on Crypto Genius.

Crypto Genius’s Trading Experience

Crypto Genius provides a very simple trading experience, as consumers can just purchase or sell cryptocurrency. You can fund your Crypto Genius account with a wire transfer, an ACH transfer, or by transferring Bitcoin from your digital wallet to the platform.

The platform does not store any user assets on its site; thus, users will need to link a wallet address to save crypto. This may be a headache for new users, as finding a wallet that works with your selected cryptocurrency can be difficult. Advanced traders may be disappointed by the lack of advanced charting.

Buy on Crypto Genius with a Credit Card or Apple Pay

Crypto Genius is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to accept credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay.

Digital currency can be bought with any Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, Apple Pay, SEPA bank transfer (in Europe), SWIFT (in the United Kingdom), or wire transfer (outside of Europe and the U.K.).

The platform does not allow you to trade cryptocurrencies directly; you can only buy and sell for fiat currency.

Conclusion: Is Crypto Genius Right for You?

Essentially, the short answer is yes! Crypto Genius is an excellent platform for people who want to acquire Bitcoin quickly and easily. However, the transaction fees are excessively expensive. Due to high fees, and the lack of a crypto wallet, Crypto Genius receives a negative evaluation. On the other hand, Crypto Genius receives full marks for ease of use, speed of transaction, and customer service.

Crypto Genius is highly recommended for newbies because it provides excellent support in the event of any issues. Although Crypto Genius charges a higher fee, it makes up for it with exceptional customer service that adds value to the money.

Crypto Genius FAQs

How Long Does It Take Crypto Genius to Verify?

According to our Crypto Genius review, the process takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Crypto Genius promptly credits the crypto coins to the trader’s wallet after the Crypto Genius verification is completed successfully. This is extremely beneficial to traders during periods of market volatility, as it may lead to more spending on Bitcoin than the trader had anticipated.

Is Crypto Genius Legit?

Yes, according to our investigation, this exchange appears to be legitimate and safe. With a few exceptions, it is a reputable brokerage service provider that handles clients in practically every country.

Is Crypto Genius’s Service Available on a Global Scale?

You may not be able to use all the site’s features depending on your country of residency. It is your obligation to abide by the norms and laws of your own country or the location from where you access the site and service.

What Is Bitcoin?

In the history of the world, Bitcoin was the first peer-to-peer digital currency. Rather than depending on trusted third parties like banks, Bitcoin makes use of blockchain, a sort of distributed ledger technology that allows anybody in the world to send or receive Bitcoins.

Following Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to fame, an entire system of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens has sprung up, with a market capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars.